Get the help you need to lose weight for good

Why medical weight loss?

If you are overweight, we know this can lead to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers to name a few.

By losing 5% or more of your body weight can lead to many health improvements; reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improvement in high cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce joint pains and sleep apnoea. It leads to an improvement in health-related quality of life.

There are no quick fix solutions to weight loss here at Essence we combine healthy sustainable lifestyle changes with medically proven treatments to give a holistic approach to weight loss that is patient centred and delivered by an experienced healthcare professional.

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What's involved with the treatment?

If you choose to go ahead with treatment, we will do the first injection together. The weight loss pen is administered by yourself into a layer of fat under the skin on either your stomach, thigh, or upper arm. I will discuss exactly how to administer it and initial dosage of the weight loss medication you will need. It is usual to start with a lower dosage and as your tolerance for the medication increases, we can increase the dose for maximum weight loss effects. I will also send a video showing exactly the way it should be administered safely.

You will have regular check-ins at day 3, 7, 28 and then at 4 weekly intervals to adjust dose as needed. You will be able to contact me during the process at any time if you have any queries.

I would recommend you commit to at least 12 weeks to really see the benefits. Studies have shown 10% weight loss can be achieved within 6-12 weeks.

3-4 months treatment is £550, subsequent treatment would be £450.

Alternatively, you can choose 4 weeks treatment at £230 or 8-weeks treatment at £420.




Weight Loss Treatment Whitehaven
Weight Loss Treatment Whitehaven
Weight Loss Treatment Whitehaven

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