Take years off your mouth and lips

Do you have those pesky lines above your top lip that are often referred to as smokers’ lines? Maybe you have never smoked a day in your life. Do you feel like your lips are disappearing with each year you age? You feel like you always look sad, and the skin is beginning to gather around the sides of you mouth and you have folds appearing between your mouth and chin.

Did you know the muscle around your mouth, the orbicularis oris, is a sphincter like muscle? This is why we often get those pesky vertical lines around the lips even if we have never smoked. You constantly move your mouth for eating and talking.

What can you do to help the ageing mouth area?


First and foremost, most skincare is a must to help slow down any further ageing. Skincare should be tailored to you and your personal skincare needs; skincare is not a one size fits all. Individuals have unique skin profiles which can change with age, season, and time. Skincare isn’t just about the ingredients within the product, it is about the concentration and how it is delivered to the right layer of your skin, making the ingredients within the formulation active. I only use and recommend medical grade skincare; this is science-based skincare products to ensure the best results for you. A key product that should be focused on is SPF of at least 30 or above; UV rays are responsible for around 80% of skin damage and ageing.

Synergy 6 by interdermology is a big hit here at Essence clinic near Maryport, it's not only suitable for all skin types it protects against environmental factors, infrared, heat and contains anti-ageing peptides. What more could you want? Available to purchase from the clinic.

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Dermal Fillers in Whitehaven, Cumbria
Dermal Fillers in Whitehaven, Cumbria
Dermal Fillers in Whitehaven, Cumbria

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