Boost your confidence—and masculinity

Every man deserves to look and feel his best; that’s the view at Essence
Whether you're facing the boardroom or the bar, confidence starts with how you feel about yourself. With that in mind, Gemma has tailored the clinic’s treatments just for you—because men matter.

Look great, feel great

Gemma and her team are firm believers in the power of looking and feeling your best. Here’s why you should consider making treatments part of your routine:

  • Boost your confidence

    Reducing wrinkles or giving your skin a new lease of life doesn’t just change how you look—it transforms how you feel. Imagine walking into any room, any situation, knowing you’re presenting the best-possible version of yourself.
  • Customised just for you

    Your skin is unique. Gemma has designed treatments especially for men’s thicker, sometimes more oil-prone skin, addressing everything from breakouts to those stubborn lines that just won’t go away. Enhancing, not changing, is the mantra at the clinic.
  • Save time, look great

    Long skincare routines? You can forget about that. Essence’s efficient, targeted treatments mean you spend less time in front of the mirror and more time living life—looking good with the minimum of effort.
  • No downtime needed

    The clinic’s non-invasive options will slot right into your busy life. You’ll see noticeable improvements with no need for any recovery time, meaning that you won’t have to put your life on standby to enhance your looks.
  • Professional, discreet, and all about you

    Your privacy, comfort, and satisfaction are at the heart of all the clinic’s treatments. The moment you step through the doors, you’re in a space where your needs are understood and met with the utmost discretion and professionalism.
  • Maintaining your masculinity

    At Essence, it’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling authentically you. All the clinic’s treatments respect and enhance your natural features, ensuring that you maintain your masculinity. It’s about fine-tuning, not overhauling, so you’ll leave feeling more like yourself than ever before.
Men's Wellness Treatments in Whitehaven, Cumbria
Men's Wellness Treatments in Whitehaven, Cumbria
Men's Wellness Treatments in Whitehaven, Cumbria

Aesthetics treatments that are perfect for men

  • Targeted anti-wrinkle solutions: Say goodbye to deep forehead lines and crow’s feet. The clinic’s precision treatments keep you looking sharp, not frozen.
  • Skin rejuvenation: From combating acne scars to refining skin texture, the clinic’s skin treatments harness the power of microneedling and mesotherapy. Your skin, only better.
  • Profhilo® for men: Experience deep hydration and skin remodelling that fights sagging and signs of ageing. It's your secret weapon for a fresher, youthful look.
  • Bespoke skincare plans: Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. The medical-grade skincare solutions used at the clinic are tailored to your unique skin type and concerns.
  • Non-surgical hair restoration: Thinning hair? Essence has what you need. Here you’ll find innovative treatments that stimulate growth and give your hair a new lease of life.
  • Sweat no more: Excessive sweating can be a thing of the past. The clinic’s treatments reduce the production of sweat, so you can stay fresh and dry when you really need it.

Why Essence?

It’s only natural. Stepping into a clinic might get you feeling out of your comfort zone. That’s what inspired Gemma to create a space at Essence where men can feel at ease. There’s no fluff, no unnecessary pampering—just effective treatments that deliver results.
Men's Wellness Treatments in Whitehaven, Cumbria
Men's Wellness Treatments in Whitehaven, Cumbria

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