Wake up your tired eyes!

Get bright fresh eyes with the use of non-surgical treatments

You feel you always look tired no matter how many hours of sleep you get, there aren't enough hours in the day to go to work, look after the kids and yourself; you have dark circles, hollowness and lines under your eyes. Did you know your eyes are often the first area that begins to show the signs of ageing?

This is due to the skin being particularly thin in this area and therefore not very forgiving.

What can you do?

Eye cream

If you are worried about the appearance of the eye area, the first stop would be an eye cream. There are different types of eye creams, ones to help puffiness, ones to help pigmentation, ones to help dark circles sometimes using a combination.

Alumineye by Alumier MD, will help hydrate, alleviate puffiness, reduce the appearance of dark circles, improve the firmness and elasticity while leaving it instantly looking illuminated due to the light reflecting particles. If you want to try and combat fine lines or pigmentation adding in Retinol eye by AlumierMD to your evening routine would be my go-to as it improves the skin cell turnover leading to a reduction in fine lines and improvement in skin texture. Use the iconic duo together for all around benefits. All available to purchase in the clinic or (click link).

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Eyes Cream


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