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Where it began

Where it began.

Gemma's background began in paediatric nursing and she has 20 years of experience having worked in both the hospital and primary care settings. Since taking up the role of Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in a GP practice, she has undertaken her nurse prescribing and taken an interest in dermatological conditions. Gemma started her business in 2018 under the name of Gemma Michelle Skin Aesthetics. This was after experiencing a loss in self-confidence due to her own skin and wanting to extend her nursing skills into aesthetics and help other people with their skin and ageing concerns.

‘After turning 30 I began taking a keen interest in my own skin, probably as I was getting older and developing a few little wrinkles and age/sun spots. I have always suffered with acne and have spent a small fortune on various treatments over the years before finally finding Alumier that has given me skin confidence.’


Gemma initially trained with the well-known and credible Skin Viva, one of the best non-surgical trainers in the North. Training initially in anti-wrinkle injections, more commonly known as botox and dermal fillers. However, being a registered nurse, she understands that a one off training day isn’t enough to provide adequate care to her patients. She continued to build upon her knowledge and skills with further study days and training with well renowned aesthetics doctors and nurses. She regularly attends study workshops, conferences, and advanced training to ensure her skills are based on the most recent evidence. She strives to practice with the most up to date techniques and bring you the most innovative treatments.

‘I researched and contemplated my aesthetics career for a year or so before I finally booked my first training day. I continue to spend many hours reading and researching to make sure that not only are my clinical skills current and of a high standard; but to bring the leading treatments with the best outcomes for my patients to my clinic. Working within the NHS we work closely with other professionals and have constant support, this can sometimes be missing within the aesthetics industry. I have been able to develop a local support network with other medical professionals alongside being part of wider regional and national online networking groups. This helps to ensure professional standards remain high and safe practice for my patients.



As a Nurse Gemma is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and is required to re-register every 12 months. As a registered nurse she is obligated to follow a set of professional standards ‘The Code of Conduct’ that is designed to safeguard and protect the general public from harm by registered nurses. Each year she has to provide evidence to the NMC that she meets these standards in order to re-register. This is of particular importance here in the UK, as there is no regulation within the cosmetic industry, meaning anyone can and does train in aesthetic procedures. You can be assured that by choosing Gemma as your practitioner you will be receiving the best possible care.

‘Did you know that anyone can practice aesthetics? Anyone can go on a one-day course to learn how to administer botox and fillers. It is crazy! This is why I am proud to call myself a nurse and strive to provide you with the best possible care, professional standards and treatment outcomes.’

How did Essence develop?

Over recent years Gemma has suffered physically with her own health and in 2021 she she was diagnosed as menopausal and had been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms for some many years. This came as quite a shock at being only 37 at the time. She had struggled for many years to lose weight and often regained more weight than she had lost. During her pursuit to lose weight she had developed an overall sense of health and wellbeing and wanted to bring this into her business. This is where Essence was born. Being able to encompass a range of health and wellness treatments to deliver holistic care for her patients to enable them to not only feel more confident in their own skin but to improve wellbeing.

‘I had been so fatigued, difficulty losing weight and struggled with PMT symptoms for so many years and after various investigations, seeing a number of different doctors starting HRT treatment was my saviour. However, during my weight loss journey, I found a passion for exercising, running, working out and even joined a gym for the first time in my life. Some days exercise feels easy, other days it’s a struggle, but the gym is usually my happy place. This is why I want to incorporate health and wellness into my business.

How Essence began
Gemma's Personal Story

Gemma's Personal Story

Gemma is a mam to a teenage son, who she raises with her partner. They love travelling and frequently visit the US with plans to have more road trip adventures.

In Gemma’s quest to lose weight she developed a passion for the gym, she initially used fitness as a means to an end goal of losing weight but has found this not only benefited her health, helped her to lose weight but has had an impact on her emotional health. She attends the gym. several times a week as well as running, she has previously ran the Great North Run with prospects of doing so again.

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